what are the names of these poems according to the amount of lines. 11 lines 12 lines. 13 lines. 14 lines. 15 lines. 16 lines 17 lines 18 lines. 19 lines. 20 lines. Please I really need the answer​


Answer 1
A stanza is a series of lines grouped together in order to divide a poem; the structure of a stanza is often (though not always) repeated throughout the poem.
Answer 2



11 line     - Roundel

12 line    -The Rondeau Prime form

13 line    -A rondel

14 line   -The Spenserian sonnet

15 line    -rondeau

16 line    -A quatern

17 line     -Haiku

18 line    -Heroic Sonnet

19 line   -A villanelle

20 line  -Roundabout

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Read the sentence.
Carrie said that its the best part of the movie.
Which punctuation is missing?
O 1. apostrophe
2. quotation marks
3. exclamation point
4. comma​



Carrie said that "it's the best part of the movie"


1. apostrophe

2 quotation marks

I hope that helps

what is the correct meaning of the word spacious?

The children wanted to play hide-and-seek in the spacious house






it means "vast space"

The correct meaning of the word spacious is immense. Thus, option C is appropriate.

The adjective "spacious" denotes "roomy" and "having plenty of room." Although it can be utilized to refer to other things as well, the term roomy is most frequently used to describe homes with lots of space.

Spacious refers to having a lot of room or space. Spacious refers to something that appears to be right, appealing, or pleasing yet is not in fact. Any argument or analysis that has the appearance of truth or reasonableness but is shortsighted, dishonest, or even wholly false is known as specious reasoning. Such arguments seem to be well-reasoned or factual, which makes them appealing. They can appear persuasive.

Thus, option C is correct.

Learn more about Spacious here:



"Whack. The hatchet sticks in the frozen turkey."
This is an example of what type of figurative language?


Hey! The answer to the question is an Onomatopoeia. I have taken this quiz and that is what an Onomatopoeia is. :) Brainliest?

Choose the correct sentence.
a. John's class is visiting the Franklin Institute, which has always been one of my favorite science museums.
b. John's class is visiting the Franklin Institute, which has always been one of my favorite Science Museums.


the answer is b I believe ^^

Directions: Unscrambled the word to form the correct term based on the definition given. Write your
answer on a separate sheet of paper.

11. LUERQAC: a liquid made of shellac dissolved in alcohol
Answer: ____________________

12. RISTIP SAINT: hardest to apply, it dies easily
Answer: ____________________

13. SHINVAR: transparent material comes from gum commonly used in furniture.
Answer: ____________________

14. AINTP: Most commonly used and beautify the Object
Answer: ____________________

15. MELANE: varnished with color, used in wood
Answer: ____________________


11) Lacquer

12) Spirit Stain

13) Varnish

14) Paint

15) Enamel

I hope this will help you. ^^

ELA questions, but what the absolute heck? i've been trying and couldn't get the right answers.



1. Entretain

2. Inform

3. Entretain

4. Persuade

5. Entretain

6. Persuade

7. Persuade

8. Persuade

9. Inform

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Here is to gone as smile is to



Here is to gone as smile is to



Correct the
errors. Some
sentences do not
have errors.

a) Jim can't afford going to the cinema twice a week
b) David wishes leaving the room.
c) Are you waiting to use the phone?
d) I'd really like going swimming on Saturday.
e) Everyone decided to put off the football match.
f) Emma pretended leaving, but waited outside.
g) Jack agreed to meet me at the beach.
h) My bike seems having something wrong with it.
i) The director refused answering Helen's phone call.
j) What exactly do you intend to say to Mrs Dawson?​



A: Jim can't afford going to the cinema twice a week.

B: David wishes to leave the room.

C: Are you waiting to use the phone?

D: I'd really like to go swimming on Saturday.

E: Everyone decided to put off the football match.

F: Emma pretended to leave, but waited outside.

G: Jack agreed to meet me at the beach.

H: My bike seems to have something wrong with it.

I: The director refused to answer Helen's phone call.

J: What exactly do you intend to say to Mrs. Dawson?


In order for a sentence to be correct, it needs to make sense. For example, if we were to look at B, it doesn't really sound right. "David wishes leaving the room." Rather, he WISHES he could leave the room, or WISHED that he could leave the room, depending on the context of the sentence.

Any of y'all have an original ballad poem I can use...? aka "Twinkle Twinkle little star" style. ​



See explanation for answer.


Shining bright hair like the sun

When we were little kids

We had so much fun

But now that we're older

We're so much bolder

This time of year

The weather's getting colder

You gave me your sweater

And looked into my eyes

Then gave me a letter

And to my surprise

You liked me too

But now I miss you

I don't really know what this is lol, but I hope it helps!

Have a lovely day!

( Yes, this is my original work. )



It was many and many a year ago,

in a kingdom by the sea,

That a maiden there lived whom you may know

By the name Annabel Lee;

And this maiden she lived with no other thought

then to love and be loved by me.


         The Voice

There is a voice inside of you

That whispers all day long,

"I feel that this is right for me,

I know that this is wrong."

No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

Or wise man can decide

What's right for you- just listen to

The voice that speaks inside

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Why does Thorin want to go on the journey?
His family used to rule the Dwarf kingdom until the dragon came.
He wants to fight trolls and goblins.
He wants to avoid Elves and.



His family used to rule the Dwarf kingdom until the dragon came.


J. R. R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" series tells the story of "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy but from the perspective of the hobbits and dwarves. It focuses on the journey to regain the lost kingdom of Lonely Mountain, the kingdom of the Dwarves.

Thorin Oakenshield,the son of Thráin II, is also known as the King of Durin's Folk. He is also the leader of the dwarves and had been guided by Gandalf, the wizard on their attempt to reclaim the lost kingdom of Lonely Mountain from the dragon Smaug. And with the help of Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit from the Shire, the group journeyed through different lands, passing through the elves' land and other parts, to get to the Lonely Mountain where the dragon had settled and taken over.

Thus, the correct answer is the first option.

2. What is the best summary of the excerpt?"
15 points
B. At a flower shop, Saeng holds a mysterious, jagged leaf. She wants to know what
plant it comes from, so she asks the florist to help her. They look first in the nursery
and then in the greenhouse before they find that the plant is a hibiscus.
A. Saeng enters a flower shop carrying a leaf. The florist says that the leaf comes
from a rose of Sharon and leads Saeng to it. But Saeng is looking for a plant with a
darker flower, which helps the florist identify the plant at last.
D. While at a flower shop, Saeng asks a florist to find a certain plant. After studying
the clue of a heart-shaped leaf, the florist realizes that it may be a tropical plant, so
she leads Saeng to the greenhouse. There Saeng recognizes the hibiscus plant.
C. Saeng brings a leaf to a flower shop and asks the florist to identify its plant. After
showing her a similar but incorrect plant, the florist leads her to a greenhouse. There
Saeng finds the plant she seeks along with others that remind her of home.


D I took the test I’m 100% it’s D

Word Form 

1.    The farmer is trying to ________________ (fat) the hen before it is slaughtered.

2.    The school gave George a very __________________ (favour) report and he was able to get a good job.

3.    Computers are ____________ (extend) used in most companies nowadays.

4.    I hope you have not _____________ (forget) the time when we played and studied together.

5.    The prisoners of war tunneled their way to _____________ (free).

6.    He is doing a course in business ______________ (manage) for further advancement in his career.

7.    Nylon ______________ (different) from silk in quality and price.

8.    The National Park is home to some rare and ________________ (danger) birds.

9.    We watched the __________ (fly) of the birds as they were released from their cages.

10.    The children suffered ____________ (dread) in the hands of their stepmother.

11.    There was a lot of _____________ (disturb) during the concert last night.

12.    The girl brushes her hair every night to make it _____________ (silk).

13.    The teacher _____________ (dictation) notes to her students every day.

14.    Sea horses are among the marine life in danger of ________________ (extinct).

15.    The auto factory ___________ (employ) went on strike until their demands were met.

16.    The trees of the tropical rainforest are being cut down at an ______________ (alarm) rate.

17.    Youngsters have little ______________ (aware) of the wondrous world to be discovered in books.

18.    It is ________________ (advise) for candidates to learn formulas by heart for the test in Mathematics.

19.    Leonardo da Vinci, the painter of Mona Lisa, was one of the greatest _____________ (art) that ever lived.

20.    Except for the post of Treasurer, all posts were ________________ (contest) in the election of the executive committee.

can someone please help me​


1. Fatten
3. Extensively
4. Forgotten
5. Freedom
6. Management
7. Is different
8. Dangerous
9. Flying
10. Dreadfully
11. Disturbances
12. Silklike
13. Dictates
14. Extinction
15. Employment
16. Alarming
17. Awareness
18. Advisable
19. Artists
20. Contested red

Giving Brainleist SOLVE B ONLY





1 . The names of the winners will be read out in tomorrow's show.

2. The customer was offered a refund.

3.Look! The vase has been broken

4.The murder is being investigated by the police.

5.Answers must be written in ink (by the candidates)

6.The tables had been cleaned by Joe.

7.A cup of tea is being drunk by Sheila.

8.A Lot of money is paid by kara to buy new clothes

9.Some important documents are being prepared for the trial by the lawyer

10.This programme is watched by millions of people all over the world.


1 . Cars are known to pollute Environment.

2. Will the teacher be tested our English?

3. The guitar was been played.

4. A tie is not been worn.

5. A letter is being sent to him.

6. We had been lost the key.

7. The match will not be winning by our team.

8. Are you pick up by your mom?

9 . The table is being set by us.

10. The film hadn’t produced in Hollywood.


What is the theme of the article “Take Our Children, Please!: A Modest Proposal for Occupy Wall Street” and how do you know?



It is true


because its saying thats true

Giant is to enormous as reliable is to







I hope this helped!


Choose each choice that would best describe the character or actions of Macduff.

responsible for the death of Macbeth
Macbeth's greatest ally
disloyal and traitorous towards King Duncan
suspicious of Macbeth



Suspicious of Macbeth


Macduff is the main antagonist character in Macbeth and kills the main character, Macbeth in the play. Macduff is suspicious of Macbeth in the play.

Who are Macduff and Macbeth?

Lord Macduff is an antagonist in the play Macbeth written by William Shakespeare. He is portrayed as a strong and brave man who has an important role in killing Macbeth.

Macbeth is the main character and brave soldier who lack morals and is ambitious about getting the throne. He was first seen as a good man but later turned to evil with the help of the three witches.

Therefore, Macduff is option D. suspicious of Macbeth.

Learn more about Macduff here:


Read the following passage from "The Magic Weaver" and answer the question that follows:

Inside, all was drab and grey. A bunch of wildflowers plucked from a meadow in the valley would wither and die when carried through the gates. A basket of rosy apples would turn dry and tasteless. But worst of all, the children would drift around the rooms like ghostly shadows, unable to laugh or play.

Which phrase from the passage contains a simile?

children would drift around the rooms like ghostly shadows
rosy apples would turn dry and tasteless
Inside, all was drab and grey
wildflowers plucked from a meadow in the valley would wither and die


children would drift around the rooms like ghostly shadows

Help, please fast.
What are some words or images that you think of when you hear the word “dictator”?





A controlling person or someone that wants all the power

I-READY QUESTION‼️ NO LINKS OR NO WRONG ANSWERS‼️ CAN anyone help me in this questions? I will mark brainliest‼️​



The third one. I'm sure its that one.

Who was outside Montag and Mildred's door while Montag was reading the books he grabbed from his ceiling vents?


Answer: the mechanical hound


When Montag stole some books, he turned to Faber to help him understand the books since Faber's past profession was an English professor.

Later, Faber requested moment from Montag so that his friend will help them make some copies which will be planted in the home of the firefighters.

When Montag was reading the books that he took from the ceiling vents, the mechanical hound was outside their door.


The mechanical hound


Maya develops two cavities that begin rotting. They are not very painful, but she needs to get them filled to prevent further damage.



wuts the question





Maya does develops two cavities that begin rotting. They are not very painful, but she needs to get them filled to prevent further damage.

What's an example of sexism in to kill a mockingbird?


Scout often being left out of things/being told to dress or act a certain way because she is a girl, also in school

Which of these statements is a comparative claim?

A. Mountain Dew is my favorite type of soda over all other kinds.

B. There are so many types of bottled water that it is hard to choose.

C. Drinking water is so much better for your body than drinking soda.

D. We often take having clean water than comes out of a tap for granted.​



the answer is option C


edge 2021

Drinking water is so much better for your body than drinking soda of these statements are comparative claims. Thus, option C is correct.

What is a claim?

When you assert your claim to anything that is yours, such as your patient history or the ownership of a house, you are making a claim. Anytime you claim this or assert that something is true, you are making a claim. On their tax returns, people list kids and exemptions.

Your body will benefit considerably more from tap water that cola. The primary argument of a writing is a claim. It is the most crucial section of a research paper. A comparative assertion is one that contrasts the amounts of a certain mineral, calories, or alcohol within two or maybe more meals that are comparable.

Therefore, option C is the correct option.

Learn more about the comparative claim, here:



Vhich of the following organizational structures is most appropriate for a presentation about a historical event?
specific to general
general to specific


Answer: chronological


just trust me

Chronological is the organizational structure that is most appropriate for a presentation about a historical event. So, it's D.

What do you mean by Organizational structures?

Organizational structure may be defined as a procedure that summarizes how specific activities are mandated in order to accomplish the objectives of an association.

Chronological is an organizational structure that relates the things or events according to the order of time which is either ancient to modern or vice versa.

Therefore, the correct option for this question is D.

To learn more about Chronological, refer to the link:



How does Romeo suddenly feel about his name?He hates it because it is Juliet's family's foe, and is willing to change it to please her.He hates it because of the disgrace his family name has brought him.He dislikes it because Juliet does, but doesn't think it's that big of a deal and can't understand why she does.He is proud of his name, but he is willing to be called "love" as a nickname instead.



He hates it because it is Juliet's family's foe, and is willing to change it to please her


Romeo suddenly hates his name because he discovers that his name is the same as the name of the foe of Juliet's family.

He is displeased when he learns of this and is willing to change his name so that he can please his lover, Juliet.

i’ll give brainliest!!! please help!



The answer would be d pls amrk me brainlirets



D, the definition of conserve is to save something, not just energy. It doesn't mean to hoarde something, because they are using their resources wisely.

“By the time we are finished with you, you’re going to wish you were dead.” This is an example of what type of figurative language? * 2 points Idiom Hyperbole Metaphor Alliteration Submit​


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After Via learns about the new Miranda, she... A. tries to turn Ella's against Miranda
B. does all things
C. writes a letter explaining how much she misses the old Miranda
D. declines to get a ride home from her and takes the subway

Please help ​



your answer is a-  tries to turn Ella's against Miranda


Answer D
She doesn’t want to be in the car with her since she thinks it will be awkward so catches the subway home instead, an action her mum isn’t that keen on. She doesn’t really talk to Ella at all since both her and Miranda have changed over summer without telling her and they have effectively dumped her from the friendship and made new friends at high school

Someone please help please and thank you



"Plain", "Pizzas" ____________


Our plain cheese pizzas are on sale!


Plain is spelled wrong and you don't use "are" unless the subject/noun is plural.

What are some ways metacognition can aid a reader?
helps you understand every text
helps you not get frustrated
helps you to evaluate what you are doing
all of the above



helps you to evaluate what you are doing


did the quiz




Got it right

Other Questions
what is the difference between their there and theyre which of the following did pony boy not struggle with following the court hearinginteractions with othershis relationship with two-buthis schoolwork eating How was information transferred using a telephone before fiber optic cables? PLEASE HELP FAST!!!!!!!!!! Which figures below are congruent?1 and 22 and 31 and 32 and 4 Reread the first and second paragraphs. Number the events below in order from first to last.___ Local business owners and movie studios began working together to bring films to local theaters.___ Early movie theaters started opening in the early 1900s.___ The first movies were made in the late 1800s. What is the probability that the card is not a heart, GIVEN that the card is a face card??Best answer gets brainliest!! Bob has 3 pounds of hamburger meat. Each hamburger is 1/2 poundWhich equation is correct to figure out how many hamburgers Bob carmake? Why will Africa have the greatest population growth in the next few years Answer pls I dont know maths #2 find the r and h find the surface area as we PLEASE SOMEONE HELP IM SO CLOSE TO BEING DONE FOR THE YEAR NO LINKS OR FILES What goods and services should prioritize to produce What does RSVP mean because you see it a lot but it doesn't tell you what it means? match each function with its rate of growth or decay Write a recursive method named hanoi that prints a solution to the classic Towers of Hanoi puzzle. Your method should accept three integer parameters representing the number of disks, the starting page number, and ending peg number. Your method should print the solution to the game to move from the given start peg to the given end peg. For example, the call of hanoi(3, 1, 3); should print the following output to move the three pegs from peg 4. The growth of America's industries also led to serious environmental pollution in the early 1900'sO FalseO True My dad tells me a joke every morning when I leave for school.Choose 1 answer:(Choice A)A subject(Choice B)B direct object(Choice C)C indirect object There are 44 rabbits. What is 44 rounded to the nearest 10? the cost of fun for kids magazine for x number of months is shown belowThe cost (C) of another magazine, Family Fun, for x number of months isgiven by C-1.99x.The cost of another magazine, Kidz Comics, is $1.85 for each month. Theannual subscription includes a delivery charge of $10, while the annualsubscription for Fun for kids and Family Fun has no such extra chargeWhich annual subscription costs the most?