What are the four different types of deserts?


Answer 1



Name Type of Desert Location

Antarctic Polar Antarctica

Arctic Polar Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland

Sahara Subtropical Northern Africa

Answer 2


1) hot and dry deserts or subtropical deserts

2) semi-arid deserts

3) coastal deserts

4) cold (or polar) deserts

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Which of the following human activities reduces the level of
ozone in the atmosphere?
a. Using artificial lighting in scientific polar stations
b. Using large banks of solar cells for energy production
c. Releasing chlorofluorocarbons from aerosol cans
d. Destroying large areas of the equatorial rain forests


The answer is c. Good luck ;)

The following human activities reduces the level of ozone in the atmosphere is Releasing chlorofluorocarbons from aerosol cans.

Thus, option "C" is correct answer.

What is a definition of atmosphere?

An atmosphere is the layers of gases covering a planet or other heavenly body.

Earth's atmosphere is made up of about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, and 1 percent other gases.

Thus, option "C" is correct answer.

To learn more about atmosphere click here:



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Which of these would most likely happen if Earth stops revolving around the sun but continues rotating on its axis?
A. only summers in the northern hemisphere
B. only summers in the southern hemisphere
C. no seasons in any part of Earth
D. two seasons in every part of Earth


I’m pretty sure it’s either A or B. Sorry I can’t help more :((

A piece of wood weighs 72 g. What is its density
if its volume is 20 cm'?​



desnity is equal weight divided by volume ,so 72/20= 3.6


Hope this helps

What could we say is the blueprint
of the animal?
A. Genes
B. Hybrid vigor
C. Phenotype
D. Traits



The answer is B: hybrid vigor

A) Genes is correct. Disregard other answer.





top picture is a Eukaryotes, Eukaryotes are organisms whose cells have a nucleus enclosed within a nuclear envelope.

bottom picture is a prokaryote. A prokaryote is a typically unicellular organism that lacks a nuclear membrane-enclosed nucleus.


Eukaryotic, Eukaryotic, Prokaryotic, Prokaryotic


The first one is an image of a cell. Notice how the cell has a nucleus and mitochondria. These organelles are found in eukaryotic cells. This is a eukaryote.

The second one is a statement describing a multicellular organism that is also a decomposer. Eukaryotes are multicellular, and prokaryotes are only single-cellular. This is a eukaryote.

The third one is a statement that describes a photosynthetic member of domain bacteria. Organisms of domain bacteria are prokaryotes. This is a prokaryote.

The last one is an image of a cell. Notice the lack of a nucleus. Prokaryotes do not have a nucleus. This is a prokaryote.

define target cell and explain why all cells are not target cells for all hormones


Codocytes, also known as target cells, are red blood cells that have the appearance of a shooting target with a bullseye. ... These cells are characterized by a disproportional increase in the ratio of surface membrane area to volume.

While all cells are exposed to hormones circulating in the bloodstream, not all cells react. Only a hormone's "target" cells, which have receptors for that hormone, will respond to its signal. When the hormone binds to its receptor, it causes a biological response within the cell.

Which of the following would be distributed throughout a prokaryotic cell, but would be
found restricted to the nucleus of an eukaryotic cell?

A. Ribosomes


C. Cell Membrane






Ribosomes would be distributed throughout a prokaryotic cell, but would be found restricted to the nucleus of an eukaryotic cell.

What are ribosomes?

Eukaryotic cells have a distinct nucleus that separates the genetic material from the cytoplasm, which is where ribosomes are located in prokaryotic cells. The DNA in eukaryotic cells is packaged into chromosomes within the nucleus, while prokaryotic cells have a single circular chromosome located in the cytoplasm.

The cell membrane is present in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, but chloroplasts are only present in eukaryotic cells that have the ability to perform photosynthesis, such as plant cells.

Learn more about ribosomes, here:



How does the environment influence
genetic traits?



Internal and external environmental factors, like gender and temperature, influence gene expression. ... Similarly, drugs, chemicals, temperature, and light are among the external environmental factors that can determine which genes are turned on and off, thereby influencing the way an organism develops and functions.

Certain seismic waves will not pass through liquids. These waves do not pass through the Earth's ________.



Not crust, Not core, maybe the Outer Crust.

Why is important that oils and chemicals not be dumped into our sinks and drains?


Answer: It makes its way through your pipes and gets into the sewer, where it joins up with the area's wastewater. This giant, greasy mess can clearly cause a lot of damage to the sewer, but it can also clog up your pipes as well.

Some people worry that the increasing number of cell phones will cause cancer because of the energy of the radio waves they emit. Cell phones are a new technology that only recently became widely used. And because cancer takes years to develop, the amount of risk is not yet known.

Research this issue, and summarize what’s known so far. In your summary, include information about the energy of radio waves. Be sure to only use credible sources. Based on what you learned from your research, do you think people should limit their cell phone use? Why or why not?


Answer: Yes.

Explanation: Because if it causes disease or problem then why continue to do it?

Answer: Well, from what my research is saying. cell phones emit low levels of non-ionizing radiation when in use. It can also referred to as radio frequency (RF) energy. And as stated by the National Cancer Institute, "there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk in humans. So, it has not been proven weather or not you could get a tumor or cancer from the energy waves.

Some information about a radio wave is that we can have an energy of around 4 x 10-10 eV.

Okay so, I do think people should limit their cell phone use for other reasons. For one, Phones can be overly addicting, I do speak from experience. Phones can also take up way to much of your time is you're just scrolling around on them.

Explanation: So at least that's what I would say. Hope this helped! :)

What are some of the ways that pollen can travel from one flower to another?



pollinators + the wind


pollinators is probably the best answer here... pollinators are bugs like bees and butterflies that spread the pollen from one plant to another.


Flowers must rely on vectors to move pollen. These vectors can include wind, water, birds, insects, butterflies, bats, and other animals that visit flowers. We call animals or insects that transfer pollen from plant to plant “pollinators”.


Wyjaśnij jakie znaczenie ma fakt, że smak gorzki jest wykrywany już przy bardzo niewielkich ilościach substancji.





Have a Nice Day

Each year jonahs dad puts out mum plants on each side of his front steps. An early frost hit prior to the plants entering a state of dormancy, and the mum plants died. What might explain why the plant died?


Answer: The plant died due to frost damage and desiccation


Plants may remain alive in an unfavorable condition for long periods without growing any further, but still have the power to grow under favourable conditions. Such plants are said to be in a state of DORMANCY. This is a gradual process that is made up of series of physical and physiological changes in the plant.

During unfavorable condition, such as in winter periods, scales form over buds to protect them from desiccating or drying out, and from the freezing temperatures. The occurance of these changes in plants are time bound. Therefore if there is change in the weather forecast leading to an EARLIER frost hit prior to the plant entering a state of dormancy, frost damage and desiccation may cause the death of the plant. Frost damage and desiccation occurs when there is lost of moisture from plants without it being able to replenish its water supply through its roots due to the dry air and winds.

As the plant wasn't able to enter the state of dormancy, it lost the opportunity to photosynthesize, grow and store more energy before settling in for the unfavorable season.

Whoever answer will get brainiest

7a) How are the amino acids different in the proteins for Normal versus Skinny body size?








Silt is a granular substance that is like a sand and clay. Silt may occur as a mixed sediment with water and that water moves the molecules in a minimum speed rate.

Complete the table below about how each element is stored and cycled between living and non-living things.

10. Water
11. Carbon
12. Nitrogen
13. Phosphorus
Where is it stored?

How does it get into animals?

How does it get into plants?

How does it get recycled again?





it get recycled again when it becomes old

Phosphorus is stored and cycled between living and non-living things.

What is non living things?

In biology, anything devoid of life, such as an inanimate item or body, is referred to as a non-living thing. A non-living creature lacks the traits that define a living thing as compared to the one that has life.

A non-living entity, for instance, lacks the essential component of life, a living cell that develops, metabolizes, reacts to environmental cues, reproduces, and adapts.

There are two representations of inanimate objects. On the one hand, a non-living thing refers to an object that once had life but has since passed away. A non-living thing, on the other hand, is one that never had life and never will have life.

Therefore, Phosphorus is stored and cycled between living and non-living things.

To learn more about phosphorus, refer to the link:



Which form of evidence for evolution was not available to Darwin in 1858?
A. The fossil record
B. Comparative anatomy
OC. DNA evidence
D. Artificial selection


I believe it is B.
Don’t hate me if I am wrong :,)
Pretty sure it’s B or so I think it is

Hurry please! I only have 2 minutes! Please fill the blanks for before, after, and during. NO websites or reported


before there is only 1 color. During there are two colors red on top of blue. Same for after. The state of matter is liquid the whole time.


Those are my observations

During which phase of the cell cycle does DNA replicate?

A. S phase of interphase

B. G1 phase of interphase



A. S phase of Interphase


I hope this helped :)

In my opinion it’s A
I hope it’s help

7. What produces water vapor from plants?



Water vapor can be produced from the evaporation or boiling of liquid water or from the sublimation of ice. Water vapor is transparent, like most constituents of the atmosphere. Under typical atmospheric conditions, water vapor is continuously generated by evaporation and removed by condensation.

which of the following are behavioral adaptions for animals to survive in the extreme cold of the tundra biome?
a) hibernation and camouflage
b) hibernation and migration
c) migration and camouflage
d) hibernation and resource conservation



Although habitats provide food, water and shelter that animals need, there is more to survival than just the habitat.


B. Hibernation and Resource Conservation


Camouflage can help animals survive anywhere, not specific to tundra biomeMigration means that the animal can't survive in extreme cold.

Night blindness is cause by​


Night blindness is caused by vitamin A

Answer: Hope This Helps!


Vitamin A deficiency is one of the most common causes of night blindness. An insufficient amount of vitamin A in the body affects the production of rhodopsin, the necessary pigment for night vision. Night blindness is usually one of the first signs of a vitamin A deficiency.


12 The human muscular system can suffer injury or disease. Which of the following
is an example of a genetic disease that affects the muscular system?
A tendonitis
B muscular dystrophy
C a muscle strain
Da muscle tear


It’s either a or b because c and d are done when you hurt yourself accedentally and plz mark me brainliest

im giving brain to correct answer!

The photo shows a hydra. What are hydras tissues made of?

A. Specialized cells

B. organs

C. bones

D. organ systems​



Correct me if im wrong but i think its A


Took the test-

Answer: the answer is A.


What percentage of the global water supply is fresh water? 6 percent 35 percent 1 percent 10 percent


Answer: i know it woluld be 48 because you add all the numnbers that you provided then you subtract it from 100 and get 48%


pls mark brainliest

Choose from these ecosystems:









Coral Reefs


Salt Marshes

Mangrove Swamps
Florida Ecosystems

Once given your Florida ecosystem, you will research and present the topics listed below about your ecosystem. Please include visuals.

Briefly tell us where in Florida your ecosystem is often found and general characteristics

---average amount of water

---general physical characteristics

---unique characteristics of your ecosystem

List and describe 3 common producers found in your ecosystem

---include information such as what type of species prey on these producers, what the producer needs in order to survive and thrive, etc.)

List and describe 6 common consumers found in your ecosystem

---In your descriptions please include what the animals are preying on, where they build shelters, what their niche is, etc.)

Try to find at least one decomposer and/or scavenger in your ecosystem

--- What is it eating/decomposing? How is this helpful to the ecosystem?

List and describe one example of mutualism, one example of commensalism and one example of parasitism in your ecosystem

---Name the species involved and explain the relationships

List any endangered, threatened or extinct species from that ecosystem

Explain 1 food chain in your ecosystem

Explain competition between species in your ecosystem

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No entiendo kakskiaoaoaoaooap


Streams can be found in Palm Beach County and include the Miami river.


Florida's rivers are characterized by their acidity and their rapidness of the river, from moderate to swift.

Average amount of water: 14,300 million gallons

Unique characteristics: they provide shelter for many animals during the winter

3 common producers:

1.  Black bear - wolves

2. Alligator - raccoons eat small ones

3. Algae - zooplankton


6 common consumers:

1. blues whales

- prey on krill, Gulfs as shelter, niche: temperate seas

2. manatees

- herbivores, eat floating vegetations and turtle grass, warm water springs, niche: natural areas for winter refugees

3. shrimps

- prey on clams and snails, built shelter in sponges located on muddy, sandy places, niche: water floor

4.  barracuda fish

- prey on fishes like small tunas, shelter is mainly sea, niche is water that is salty

5. crocodiles

- insects, fish, frogs, shelter: mound nest, niche: warm environment

6. lobster

- fish and crabs, shelter: rock and gravel with algae on top of it,  niche: rocky waters


Scavenger: opossums are helpful because they eat unpleasant insects

mutualism: alligator and birds, teeth cleaned alligator, bird gets food from teeth

parasitism: lichen, on surface of algae

commensalism: bird flies in alligator mouth, decomposer break down prey when done

Endangered: shortnose sturgeon and piping plover

Food chain:

grass eaten by grasshopper, eaten by frog, eaten by snake, eaten by raccoons, eaten by alligator

Competition between species:

need the same food which is limited in supply of resources. Animals also need good living conditions.

Which animal body systems may be involved in homeostasis?
A. only the circulatory system
B. only the circulatory system and respiratory system
C. only the nervous system and endocrine system
D. all body systems


C is the answer I believe I know for a fact the nervous system is

The animal body systems which may be involved in homeostasis are only the nervous system and endocrine system.

What do you mean by Homeostasis?

Homeostasis may be defined as a circumstance of balance among all the body systems required for the body to endure and function correctly.

The endocrine system consists of a series of glands that secrete chemical regulators known as hormones that play a critical role in maintaining the normal body conditions physically.

The ultimate control of homeostasis is performed by the nervous system which conducts the electric impulse and sends internal and external stimuli signals to the brain.

Therefore, the animal body systems which may be involved in homeostasis are only the nervous system and endocrine system.

To learn more about Homeostasis, refer to the link:



Which of the following is the learned behavior conducted by animals in which the animal recognizes and follows the first thing it sees after birth?

A.) Imprinting
B.) Innate
C.) Conditioning
D.) Estivation



A imprinting



Endocytosis and exocytosis require energy.

True or false?


The answer is true. Hope this helps :)

I hope it helps you :)
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