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Nucleic base should be the answer but it looks like that’s not enough letters

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The diagram below represents some changes that took place in a bacterial population recently exposed to an antibiotic.Which statement would best explain the presence of bacteria on day 4?A) A bacterial population cannot survive exposure to antibiotics.B) This bacterial population cannot survive exposure to this antibiotic.C) Bacteria can change whenever it is necessary to survive antibiotic treatment.D) Some of the bacterial population was resistant to this antibiotic.


About the question:

You will find the diagram used to answer the question in the attached files.


D) Some of the bacterial population was resistant to this antibiotic.


The term resistance refers to an inheritable change in a population sensitivity, reflected through the consecutive failure of the chemical effects, correctly used to reach a desired effect on the target population.

The excessive use of antibiotics on the bacteria population leads to the fixation of new mutated genes -by natural selection-. The mutated genes make these cells even more resistant to the drug.

In the exposed example we have,

Day 1 ⇒ a big population of white bacteria and only one black cell, probably carrying mutated genetic material.

The population was treated with antibiotics.

Day 2 ⇒ there are fewer white bacteria and three black cells. This means that white bacteria are dying, while the black ones are reproducing.

The mutated phenotype gets to survive under the effects of the chemical.

Day 3 ⇒ There are no more white bacteria. Only the black population survived and keeps reproducing.

The mutated bacteria reproduce with the capability of tolerating the antibiotic dose that is usually used to destroy a population of white bacteria.

Day 4Black bacteria got to survive a produce a big population. Remember that bacteria follow the exponential growth model, meaning that their reproductive rate is too high. This black population survived the antibiotic action and reproduced at high rates.

A laboratory investigation examined the growth rate of fruit flies in culture jars over time. The fruit flies were grown in an artificial
medium containing nutrients and moisture. They were enclosed in a culture jar of a defined size. Initially, there were ten fruit flies
in the experiment. The population reached 75 over the course of four weeks. However, after eight weeks, the population size
leveled off and then decreased. Survival of fruit fly larvae declined after eight weeks. Which hypotheses are supported by the
information in this scenario? Select ALL that apply?

The older fruit flies were unable to reproduce
The carrying capacity was exceeded by the fly population
Food was abundant for the first four weeks of the experiment.
The fruit flies were unable to survive in a laboratory setting
The carrying capacity decreased when no new food was added to the
culture jars.


Answer: B, D, E


USA test prep said it

The carrying capacity was exceeded by the fly population as Food was abundant for the first four weeks of the experiment.The fruit flies were unable to survive in a laboratory setting. The carrying capacity decreased when no new food was added to the culture jars. Options B,D and E are correct.

What is the reason of choosing fruit flies ?

The reason of choosing fruit flies is because of their big growth rate along with the smaller life cycle.

The carrying capacity that is the fruit flies were able to multiply faster and faster because the food source that is the nutrition that was given to the flies was in big amount thus the cycle could continue.

Fruit flies are able to reach a limit of the growth rate when they are in natural habitat when they reach the artificial setting then they  are not able to get into the same growth rate.

The carrying capacity decreased when no new food was added to the

culture jars. With time when the nutrition source that was being added to the jars got decreased the flies stopped growth rate and reached a declining number as well.

Learn more about fruit flies at :





puddle, rain, and cloud

the puddle will heat up and evaporate causing it to go into the sky

rain is when evaporated water condensates and forms a cloud once the water drops get to heavy they fall

and the cloud is caused by evaporated water condensating and thats when the water starts to cool down

what is food poisoning​



Food poisoning is a illness that can caused by poisonous or contaminated food.

Some animals have an organ called the gizzard. The gizzard is muscular and helps to crush up hard food. Earthworms and many birds, including chickens, have gizzards. Chickens swallow small rocks that help the gizzard to grind up food. Did plant-eating dinosaurs have gizzards too? No one has found an actual dinosaur gizzard, but they have found small piles of round rocks inside dinosaurs’ ribcages.

Based on its function, the gizzard is part of the





When rocks and minerals are worn and broken down into small pieces by water, wind, or ice, the resulting particles are called ?


Sand i think? Maybe dust tho if sand isnt an option


The resulting particles are called sediments.

Rocks and minerals are disintegrated by agents of weathering such as water, glacial (ice) and wind. When these agents of weathering act on rock and minerals, they break down into small particles. These small pieces of weathered rocks and minerals is what is called sediments.

Sediments are pieces of weathered materials from rocks and minerals which can be carried by agents of erosion and deposited in another location.

Thus, the resulting particles from the breakdown of rocks and minerals are called sediments.

Learn more about sediments here:

the smallest taxa with the least differences is the





In order there are seven main taxonomic ranks: kingdom, phylum or division, class, order, family, genus, species.

Species is the smallest and least inclusive, kingdom being the most inclusive.

There is a graph below.

Hope this helps!

Guard cells
2 points
1. Series of reactions in which a molecule of glucose is broken down.
2. Stomata are flanked by them, and they swell or shrink by taking in or losing water.
3. Process that doesn't need oxygen.
4. Plant capable of synthesizing its own food from simple organic substances.


2) Stomata are flanked by them...

Transpiration is controlled by opening and closing of the stomata, which is accomplished through swelling or shrinking of guard cells.

Question 18 of 50
2 Points
How big would a near-Earth object have to be in order to cause damage if it hit the
A. 45 meters
B. 1-2 kilometers
C. 12 miles
D. 1000 feet


Well 25 meters but smaller then 1 kilo were to hit it would cause local damage now if it’s larger then 1-2 kilos it can have worldwide effects. I do not know if this helped :,)

2. Energy flows through Earth's spheres and changes along the way. Describe how energy is conserved in these systems. (2 points)​



Teaching about energy and physical processes is supported by 7 key concepts:

2.1 Earth is constantly changing as energy flows through the system. Geologic, fossil, and ice records provide evidence of significant changes throughout Earth's history. These changes are always associated with changes in the flow of energy through the Earth system. Both living and non- living processes have contributed to this change.

2.2 Sunlight, gravitational potential, decay of radioactive isotopes, and rotation of the Earth are the major sources of energy driving physical processes on Earth. Sunlight is a source external to Earth, while radioactive isotopes and gravitational potential, with the exception of tidal energy, are internal. Radioactive isotopes and gravity work together to produce geothermal energy beneath Earth's surface. Earth's rotation influences global flow of air and water.

2.3 Earth's weather and climate are mostly driven by energy from the Sun. For example, unequal warming of Earth's surface and atmosphere by the Sun drives convection within the atmosphere, producing winds, and influencing ocean currents.

2.4 Water plays a major role in the storage and transfer of energy in the Earth system. The major role water plays is a result of water's prevalence, high heat capacity, and the fact that phase changes of water occur regularly on Earth. The Sun provides the energy that drives the water cycle on Earth.

2.5 Movement of matter between reservoirs is driven by Earth's internal and external sources of energy. These movements are often accompanied by a change in the physical and chemical properties of the matter. Carbon, for example, occurs in carbonate rocks such as limestone, in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide gas, in water as dissolved carbon dioxide, and in all organisms as complex molecules that control the chemistry of life. Energy drives the flow of carbon between these different reservoirs.

2.6 Greenhouse gases affect energy flow through the Earth system. Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide and water vapor, are transparent to much of the incoming sunlight but not to the infrared light from the warmed surface of Earth. These gases play a major role in determining average global surface temperatures. When Earth emits the same amount of energy as it absorbs, its average temperature remains stable.

2.7 The effects of changes in Earth's energy system are often not immediately apparent. Responses to changes in Earth's energy system, input versus output, are often only noticeable over the course of months, years, or even decades.

why do organisms look the way they do? this assignment is due tonight:(



They have different inherent information. Their environment also plays a role. But in sexual reproduction, it is based on the parents, with each contributing half of the genes aquired by the offspring.

Organisms look the way they do due to a combination of genetics, environmental factors, and natural selection.

What is genetics, environmental factors and natural selection?

Genetics plays a significant role in determining an organism's physical characteristics, as genes provide the instructions for the development of traits such as eye color, hair texture, and height. Genetic variation within a population can lead to differences in physical appearance between individuals.

Environmental factors, such as nutrition, exposure to sunlight, and exposure to pollutants, can also impact an organism's physical appearance.

Natural selection also plays a role in determining an organism's physical appearance. Individuals with traits that help them to survive and reproduce in a given environment are more likely to pass on those traits to their offspring.

Ultimately, the way an organism looks and reflects adaptations to help the organism survive and thrive in its environment.

Learn more about genetics, environmental factors and natural selection, here:





The southern hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun at the point of the year.

Question 9 of 10
Which is not a drawback of using fossil fuels?



is there a picture? or maybe some options?



Answer: A) They release radioactive waste. Explanation: Fossil fuels are non renewable resources do not release radioactive wastes / materials, but they do release greenhouse gases, causing air pollution.

How do fossils show evidence for evolution?

a. They show evidence of species that are now extinct

b. They are the primary source of evidence for natural selection

C. They show that ancient species share similarities of those alive on Earth today

d. Both A and C


D both a and c sounds correct

Help please someone please what is the answer



acid rain is not acid precipitation
acid rain contains acidic substances which are dispersed into the atmosphere
while acid precipitation involves sleet, snow, fog and cloud vapor
acid rain is limited to a period of a year but acid precipitation happens all year
but it does cause chemical pollution due to the sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released in the air.
Answer: False

Explanation: falseeeeee

Most cells spend most of their life in:
A. interphase

B. cytokinesis


Answer: Interphase



A. Interphase


I hope this help ;)

make a cell rap song?​




I haven't made this one but i know it (If u wanna listen to it just search up Cell City) :

One night in cell city

We're gonna dance until we see the sunlight

The nucleus, like city hall

Holds the cell's information

Mitochondria, a power plant

In charge of energy creation

The Golgi apparatus is like post office

It packages materials and moves them

The ribosome, like a factory

Creating proteins so the cell can use them

Fossils of animals the size of goats were dated at 5 million years old. Similarly, fossils of larger animals were dated at 3 million years old. Both animals were similar in body structure to today's horses. Using these data, which inference can scientists make?Immersive Reader

The animals were probably ancestors of today's horses.

The animals had no relationship to one another.

Today's horses and these animals probably lived together at some time in the past.

Today's horses are faster than these animals were.



THE ANSWER IS: A it makes the most sence.


The animals were probably ancestors of today's horses. Thus option A is correct.

What are fossils?

Fossils are the preserved remains, traces, or traces of living things from a bygone geological epoch. Bones, shells, exoskeletons, stone imprints of animals or microbes, objects preserved in amber, hair, petrified wood and DNA remnants are some examples of the fossils.

Paleontology is the study of fossils, their ages, how they formed, and their evolutionary importance. Specimens older than 10,000 years are usually considered fossils. The oldest fossils are about 3.48 to 4.1 billion years old.

There are many processes that lead to fossilization, including permineralization, casting and molding, true mineralization, displacement and recrystallization, impression, carbonization, and bioimulation.

Therefore, if both fossils have similar structure then the animals were probably ancestors of today's horses.

Learn more about fossils, here:


what color would a normally green leaf be under a light that only emitted red colored light


yellow, orange, green, blue


all of those are the awnsers and it depends also in how bright so depending on the brightness ( i put it in order ) ( mark as best awnser

Why don’t spinal or brain injuries often not heal?


Those are very fragile. It also depends on how bad of injury. There are tiny little bone that are sometimes hard to see.

hii! i’ll give brainliest pls help





Since the house is build on a hill there is the possiblitie that the house will fall so it has to be landslide. The trees will help the house stay put.

I hope this helped!!

In what ways do humans rely on healthy ecosystems? Use the words "Natural Resources" and "Ecosystem Services" in your answer.

How does the loss of biodiversity impact ecosystem health?

Explain the main causes of biodiversity loss.



Due to needs of resources.


Humans rely on healthy ecosystems because human needs resources such as food, clean water, disease regulation and climate regulation etc which can be provided by the ecosystem. If the ecosystem is healthy, human can harvest or get more resources from the ecosystem. The biodiversity present in the ecosystem makes the ecosystem healthy and is responsible for the presence of more resources so loss of biodiversity greatly impact ecosystem health. Climate change, pollution, destruction of habitats and invasive species are the main causes of loss of biodiversity in the ecosystem.

Soil organisms, such as mycorrhizal fungi, impact the rate of succession in ecosystems. Mycorrhizal fungi have a mutualistic relationship with various species of plants and increase the plant growth and survival. Sand dunes often lack mycorrhizal fungi, and a researcher wanted to determine the effect of adding mycorrhizal species to sand on disturbed beaches on grass growth. The researcher set up various mycorrhizal communities at disturbed beaches in different locations on the east coast of the United States. Identify the independent variable in the study.



The amount (number) of mycorrhizal fungi


In a scientific experiment/study, the independent variable is the variable that isn't changed by other variables, while the dependent variable is the variable that is being measured during the experimental procedure. The independent variable is manipulated by the researcher (in this case, the amount of mycorrhizal fungi), thereby affecting the dependent variable (in this case, grass growth). In consequence, a variable is dependent because it 'depends' on the independent variable.

The following table describes some biotechnological processes.

Biotechnological Processes
Process Description
1 Producing offspring that have identical DNA as one parent
2 Crossing a high-yielding fruit variety with a high-vitamin variety
Which biotechnological processes are described in the table? (3 points)

Both processes describe cloning.

Both processes describe genetic engineering.

Process 1 describes cloning and process 2 describes artificial selection.

Process 1 describes artificial selection and process 2 describes cloning.



c . Process 1 describes cloning and process 2 describes artificial selection.


Process 1 describes cloning because offspring is produced that are similar to its parent and we know that in cloning, the offspring is identical to their parents while on the other hand, process 2 describes artificial selection because crossing between a high-yielding fruit variety with a high-vitamin variety is done which is only possible through the intervention of humans.

A is a group of cells that have the same function.



it's true

tissues are group of similar cells the have Common faction.

many organs work together to accomplish a common purpose is called an organ system

I'm giving my 1532 points away.

Identify the characteristics of animal-like protists. Check all that apply.
able to move using specialized structures
typically autotrophs

(Answers: able to move using specialized structures, unicellular)



able to move using specialized structures


Animal like protists have ability to move with short cilia and flagella. And they get energy from other source. Explanation: Euglena can moves through flagella and can produced its own food.

lol thanks.


able to move using specialized structures, unicellular



What is a tide? extreme pull from the gasity of the Sun

B.something that happens to the ocean every two days

C.a cyclical pattern of temperatures in seas and oceans

D. a continua rise and fall of water in seas and oceans



D. a continuous rise and fall of water in season oceans

What happen after you drink mineral water, does it go to kidney and how it get removed


Mineral water poses no threat to your health and is processed through the kidneys like any other beverage. In fact, there are experimental studies showing mineral water’s potential to help kidney stone sufferers:

“It is concluded that mineral water containing calcium and magnesium, such as that used in this study, deserves to be considered as a possible therapeutic or prophylactic agent in calcium oxalate kidney stone disease.”


dont know hope it helpsjcjdjc

A deer has all white fur with the genotype (ff). This white deer mates with a grey deer (Ff). What is the chance that they will give birth to grey colored deer?Question 1 options:

a. 0%

b. 100%

c. 50%

d. 75%


It should be c. 50%, sorry if wrong >.

True or False: Sustainability focuses on reducing the amount of nonrenewable resources used, which prevents the depletion of natural resources.


This is false, I don’t know if I answered on time but I think it’s false
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Which one is not the type of essay? *a. descriptiveb. narrativec. argumentatived. balance If $10,000 is invested at an annual rate of 11%, compounded quarterly, find the value of the investment after the given number of years. a) 5 years b) 10 years c) 15 years For each of the following, indicate whether or not a paired analysis would be appropriate. a. A school cafeteria offers a vegetarian and a nonvegetarian option for lunch every day. For a period of two weeks, you record how many calories are in the vegetarian option and how many calories are in the nonvegetarian option. Your goal is to see if vegetarian options tend to differ with regard to average number calories from nonvegetarian options. b. A farmer investigates whether talking to cows by name leads to producing more milk. He randomly selects 30 of his cows and randomly assigns 15 to talk to by name and the other 15 not to. European glass factories flourished after the Dark Ages.A.adverb clauseB.adjective clauseC. adverb phraseD.adjective phrase These statements are true regarding association with a headhunter or recruiter:headhunters and recruiters work for youinstead of burdening your headhunter or recruiter, you should save time and contact an employer directlyreferring other hard workers is appreciated by headhunters and recruitersheadhunters and recruiters work for the employer Yo I need to know where to find a ps4 for free or a very cheap price please to tome el discocorrect or incorrect? The Earth's climate is defined as the average weather over a long period of time.Earth has three main climate zones: tropical, temperate, and polar. These zones canbe further divided into smaller zones, each with its own specific climate. Whichcontinents are in the polar climate zone?AAntarctica and AlaskaBEurope and AsiaNassau and JamaicaAustralia and California I need the answer to the Problem RIGHT NOW Where can I find I ready answers? specifically math. If yall answer these get brainliest4. Who authorized the use of the atomic bomb? What was the project name given to the atomic bomb?5. Who was involved with the development of the atomic bomb? Where and when was the first bomb?6. What did MacArthur say the real need in Japan was?7. How did Roosevelt view Stalin? What did Roosevelt agree to give Stalin at the Yalta Conference?8. What happened to Manchuria and Mongolia as a result of the Yalta conference? HEYY SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS QUESTION . ITS FINALS WEEK AND I REALLY NEED TO PASS THIS !How did the Treaty of Versailles contribute to the emergence of fascism in Italy? how important is using correct pronoun antecedent agreement in daily conversation Please help me. I will give brainliest What processes and what form is carbon released from all organisms? Why do you think Leeuwenhoek named the cells he observed "animalcules" WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST IF ANSWERED CORRECTLY!!When is paying a commission the customary way to pay? Meiosis createsA. 2 daughter cellsB. 4 gametes The circumference of a circle is 87 cm. What is the DIAMETER of the circle?A)2 cmB)4 cmC)6 cmD)8 cm The two opposing sides of World War II were known as