a landscaper is fencing a triangular garden for a customer. if the fence has the dimensions shown,does triangular garden have right angle?


Answer 1



no, the numbers are not pythagoras triple

Step-by-step explanation:

find the complete question in the attached image

If the angle is a right angle would be determined using Pythagoras theorem

The Pythagoras theorem : a² + b² = c²

where a = length

b = base

c =  hypotenuse

20² + 10² =

400 + 100 = 500

500 is not equal to the square of 25

so it is not a right angled triangle

A Landscaper Is Fencing A Triangular Garden For A Customer. If The Fence Has The Dimensions Shown,does

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Please help me, I'm suffering from all of these parallel lines ;9
Only 1 is needed, but doing both would be godly <33



1. y = 4x - 27

2. y = -4x - 15

Step-by-step explanation:

If two lines are parallel, then they have the same slope. So, the slope of the line we are looking for needs to be 4. We can start by writing a point-slope equation:

y - y1 = m(x - x1)

We can substitute the values we have, the point we are using is (8, 5) because it needs to be on the line:

y - 5 = 4(x - 8)

We can distribute:

y - 5 = 4x - 32

y = 4x - 27

We are not given the slope-intercept form, so we must divide both sides by two to get it:

y = 1/4 x + 8

A perpendicular line has the slope that is the negative reciprocal of the one that is given. So, the slope of the line would be - 4. We can start by writing a point-slope equation:

y - y1 = m(x - x1)

We can substitute the values we have, the point we are using is (-5, 5) because it needs to be on the line:

y - 5 = -4(x + 5)

We can distribute:

y - 5 = -4x - 20

y = -4x - 15

Lance walked 20 miles east and then 21 miles north to get to work. If he walked back home after work using the most direct route, how many miles would he walk on the way back? (Find the hypoteneuse of the triangular path



Solution given:

perpendicular [p]=20miles


hypotenuse [h]=?

we have

By using Pythagoras law





he would walk 29 miles on the way back

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Step-by-step explanation:

To find purple, you divide 162 by 3 as there are 3 people who like red for every one person who like purple. To find blue, you need to divide 162 by 3, which is 54, and then multiply it by 9 because there were 9 people who like blue for every person that liked purple.

Jannie sold 78% of the 50 tickets that she was supposed to sell. How many tickets did Jannie sell?




Step-by-step explanation:

She sold more than half of the tickets, so the answer is more than 25.

78% of 50 = 39.

39 tickets

Which of the following is an angle shown in the drawing?





Is there more than one answer choice?

Step-by-step explanation:


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Step-by-step explanation:

a^2 + 2(b - 6) - 17. a = -7 b = 2

= (-7)^2 - 2(2 - 6) - 17

= 49 - 4 + 12 - 17

= 40

awser the question below



1) 3 miles/h

2) 3 miles

Step-by-step explanation:

6 miles/2h = 3 miles/h

4h = 12 miles

3h = 9 miles

12 - 9 = 3


1 is 3 miles an hour and 2 is 3 miles

Translate the following expression into an algebraic equation: Four less than the sum of 3 and some number is 6.



The algebraic equation would be 3 + x - 4 = 6

which scatterplot represents the data given in the table which is the weight of a boy as he gets older


Answer: A.

Step-by-step explanation:


its A

Step-by-step explanation:

Dakota earned ​$8.75 in interest in Account A and ​$28 in interest in Account B after 21 months. If the simple interest rate is 3% for Account A and ​4% for Account​ B, which account has the greater​ principal?


so B should be the answer

Step-by-step explanation:

account a would have 16.42 in their account after 21 months and b would have 64.77 after 21 months also

A triangle has two sides with lengths 7 and 12 which of the folowing lengths could represent the third side



If s₃ is the length of the 3rd side, the possible values are in the interval.

5 < s₃ < 19

Step-by-step explanation:

For a triangle, we know that the sum of any two sides is always larger than the other side.

So if a triangle has 3 sides:

s₁, s₂, and s₃, we have:

s₁ + s₂ > s₃

s₁ + s₃ > s₂

s₂ + s₃ > s₁

In this case, we know that two sides are:

s₁ = 7

s₂ = 12

And we want to find the possible values of s₃.

Then if we use the above inequalities, we get:

7 + 12 > s₃

7 + s₃ > 12

12 + s₃ > 7

With the first one we get:

19 > s₃

Now we can rewrite the other two as:

s₃ > 12 - 7 = 5

s₃ > 7 - 12 = -5

The first one is more restrictive than the second:

s₃ > 5 > -5

So we can use only the first one.

Then the two inequalities are

s₃ > 5

s₃ < 19

Then the range is:

5 < s₃ < 19

This means that any value between 5 and 19 can be a possible length of the third side (5 and 19 are not possible lengths)

Which values are equivalent to the fraction below? Check all that apply.
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The answer choices are on the photo




Step-by-step explanation:

hope this hellpppeedd

The answer its 1/16

What is one-half the sum of 142 and 8


75 is one half the sum of 142 and 8




Here are the numbers of times 11 people ate out last month.
4, 6, 6, 6, 3, 7, 3, 3, 7, 6,3



ok but what am I supposed to do with it?

Step-by-step explanation:

Alicia wants to cover a footrest in the shape of a rectangular prism with cotton fabric. The footrest is 15 inches by 8 inches by 11 inches. She has 1 square yard of fabric. Can she completely cover the​ footrest? Explain.




15 x 8 x 11 is greater than one yard of fabric

Step-by-step explanation:

Volume of a rectangular prism = length x width x height

15 x 8 x 11 = 1320 in^3

1 yard = 36 inches

1320 is greater than 36 inches. she does not have enough yard of fabric

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Answer answer answer;)

Solve for x in the following equations:

-8x -10y = -2 when y = -3

A) -3
B) -6
C) 4
D) -2


Step-by-step explanation:

A) = 54 so it is wrong

B) = 78 so it is wrong

C) = -2 so it is right!

No need to do D since we already found the correct answer.

I hope I helped! :)

How do you calculate
√25+√16-√49 in BODMAS​




[tex] \sqrt{25} = 5 \\ \sqrt{16 } = 4 \\ \sqrt{49} = 7[/tex]

5+4-7 = 9-7 = 2

Our Answer 2


The answer is 2

Step-by-step explanation:

√25 = 5

√16 = 4

√49 = 7


√25 + √16 - √49

5 + 4 - 7

9 - 7 = 2

Thus, The answer is 2


Which of these is true? A) 125,673 is less than 115,379. B) 135,692 is greater than 145,692. C) 145,692 is greater than 135,692. D) 145,692 is less than 125,673.




Step-by-step explanation:

WILL GIVE BRAINLIEST!!!! Find the area of this triangle. This is geometry



11 sq units

Step-by-step explanation:

(6×4) - ½(6×1 + 4×3 + 2×4)

= 24 - ½(6+12+8)

= 24 - ½(26)

= 24-13

= 11 sq units

Alright another here we go, Please help!




Step-by-step explanation:

4x=y is your answer because if x is 5, like in the table, then 4(5) would equal 20, which is the y-value. It also works for every number in the table.

Hope this helps.

If you flip a coin and roll a six sided die what is the probability that you will flip a heads and roll at least a three




Step-by-step explanation:




Please help me with my work and I’ll give you brainlessly




Step-by-step explanation:


(4)(5)(2) = 40

(7)(4)(3) = 84

(2)(5)(4) = 60

40 + 84 + 60 = 184

rick took 320 free throws after practice. He made all but 15 of the free throws.What percent of the free throws rick make?Round to the nearest percent if necessary.




Step-by-step explanation:

(320 - 15) / 320 x 100 = 95%

Find the distance speed=96km/h time=20 mins




Step-by-step explanation:







The equation for the speed/distance of a tornado is
s = 93 log(d) + 65.
If the speed is 310 mph, what is the distance?



430.93 miles (rounding to the nearest hundredth)

Step-by-step explanation:

s = 93 log(d) + 65

310 = 93 log(d) + 65

245 = 93 log(d)

2.634408602 = log(d)

10^2.634408602 = 10^log(d)

430.9318583 = d

Therefore, if the speed of the tornado is 310 mph, then its distance is about 430.93 miles.

Simone read online that the failure rate in Arizona for the first attempt of the written driver’s test is 60%. Simone thinks the Arizona rate is less than 60%. To investigate, she selects an SRS of 50 Arizona drivers and finds that 27 failed their first written driving test. To determine if this provides convincing evidence that the failure rate for Arizona is less than 60%, 200 trials of a simulation are conducted. Simone’s hypotheses are: H0: p = 60% and Ha: p < 60%, where p = the true proportion of Arizona drivers who fail the first attempt of the written driver’s test. Based on the results of the simulation, the estimated P-value of this test is 0.035. Using ∝ = 0.05, what conclusion should Simone reach?



The answer is "Choice d".

Step-by-step explanation:

Please find the complete question in the attached file.

Although Simone read today, a first written driver test rate of failure is 60 percent to Arizona.

Range of population = p = 0.60 . Simone assumes the Arizona average would be below 60%. She selects an SRS of 50, but she discovers 27 have failed their first published driver's test (sample size n= 50).

Now 200 simulated experiments were conducted to determine when that offers compelling proof which Arizona has a failure rate of less than 60%. The hypothesis of Simone is p = 60% and p < 60% where p = true share of Arizona pilots who fail the very first test of a written pilot.

The evaluated P-value of this experiment is 0.035 based on the results of the simulation. α = 0.01 

Whereas if p-value < α = degree of significance, we reject the null hypothesis. p-value [tex]= 0.035 > 0.01[/tex]

How do u find the area of a square? And other shapes??! Please help failing classes!



you find the area of a square by multiplying the side length by the side length. For example, the side length of a square is 10, then the area of the square would be 10 * 10= 100, the area would have been 100. A=l*l

I dont know what other shapes do you need so i would tell you how to find the area of a triangle. you find it by multiplying the base and the height and times it by 1/2.  A=1/2*b*h


Finding Area Of Shapes

Step-by-step explanation:

The formula for solving for area of a square is A= S x S which basically means Area = Side multiplied by side, S is the length of each side of the square. With squares, it's much easier to find the length because it's all going to be the same on each side so you multiply the number by its self to get your answer.

Example :  

8 x 8 = 64

So the area of the square would be 64 if each side were 8 because you're going to multiply using 2 sides and multiply that number by itself.

Hope this helps let me know if you need any other help!

Angelica wants to know the proportion of students at her school who use a
certain music streaming service. She interviews a random sample of students
at her school. She finds that 20% of the students in the sample use the music
streaming service. What conclusion can she draw from the sample?



she can conclude that 20 percent of the students in the sample use the streaming service.

Find the distance between the two endpoints.
(-6, 1) and (-3, 1)




Step-by-step explanation:

distance formula

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Selena's dog completed an obstacle course that was 452 meters long. There were four parts to the course, all equal length. How long was each part of the course? A measure of the disorder of a system is called A vessel contained N2, Ar, He, and Ne. The total pressure in the vessel was 1100 torr. The partial pressures of nitrogen, argon, and helium were 110, 250, and 400 torr, respectively. The partial pressure of neon in the vessel was __________ torr. A) 420 B) 340 C) 200 D) 280 E) 760 The diameter of a dime is 17.91 millimeters, an the height is 1.35 millimeters. What is the volume of a dime? What is the volume of an oblique cylinder formed by stacking 50 dimes? Round your answers to the nearest hundredth. WILL GIVE BRAINLY WITHIN 3-5 MINUTES OF ANSWER; pls explain the Berlin Crisis in simple-people terms. Then find the values of x and y? find the distance between each pair of points. Round your answer to the nearest 10th if necessary Guess the song:I know that you're calling meTo light up and let the shadowThat follows you underneathI know that you're calling meI don't wanna play it safe'Cause I don't get down like thatJust keep falling into meI know I got your backAre you lonelyAre you lonelyAre you lonelyI'll stand by youI'll stand by youAre you lonelyAre you lonelyAre you lonelyI'll stand by youI'll stand by youWho ever said it was easyThey never know or doOh when these walls fall downI'll stand by youWhat you believe inI'll give it to you'Cause when these walls fall downI'll stand by youAre you lonelyAre you lonelyAre you lonelyI'll stand by youI'll stand by youAre you lonelyAre you lonelyAre you lonelyI'll stand by youI'll stand by you What time does the clock show?Please help I didnt get to learn this. Angle LMN and angle NMR are supplementary angles. What is the value of x in the diagram below? Arelli is 12 5 6 years old. Carl is 1 1 3 years younger than Arelli and Jane is 1 1 4 years younger than Carl. How old is Jane? What does the photograph show that the passage does not describe? A. The photograph shows the different colored rocks of the canyon. B. The photograph shows trees and shrubs that provide shade. C. The photograph shows how the sun hits the crevices of the rock formations. D. The photograph shows the rock formations that make the canyon special. what was one result of the neolithic revolution How tall is the tree? Round to the nearest foot.. please help me Can yall help me with this Tennessee Valley Authority Find the perimeter and Area of the rectangle Which is the simplified form of the expression?10n13(9n12)7n + 47n 43n + 43n 12 Please help me out with this question!!NO LINKS PLEASE:DHow did many white settlers obtain land under the Dawes Act? A. Land races, such as the ones in OklahomaB. They rented land on creditC. They needed to agree to build an agricultural college on their land Two planes start from the same point and fly opposite directions. The first plane is flying 20 mph slower than the second plane in 2 h the planes are 540 mi apart. Find the rate of each plane