2x27 ÷2+95x4
Help me​


Answer 1



Step-by-step explanation:

Using PEMDAS, we get that (2x27) ÷ 2 + (95x4)




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La suma de un numero mas 16 es igual a 31


La respuesta es 15

31 - 16 = 15

What is the value of x helppp



The angles are vertical and x = 128*.

Step-by-step explanation:

x is the same angle as 128, because the angles are vertical.

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what is the area of parallelogram BCDE​


Step-by-step explanation:

[tex] \: \:\huge\mathfrak\purple{Answer...} \\ \\ here \: is \: your \: solution \\ \\ area \: of \: parallelogram = base \times height \: \\ \\ base = 10cm \: \\ \\ height = 6cm \: \\ \\ aera \: of \: pralelogram = 10 \times 6 \: \\ \\ area \: = 60 \: cm.sq \\ \\ \huge\mathfrak\red{hope \: it \: helps...}[/tex]

Solve the following system of equations using the elimination method.
5x + y = 9



x= -1/5y+9/5

Step-by-step explanation:


Step 1

First you need to add -y to both sides, basically subtracting y

5x+y-y= 9-y

Step 2

Divide both sides by 5, or multiply by 1/5. You want to do this because to cancel out 5, so you multiply the reciprocal, or divide the constant.


Then, you will get the answer

Hope this helps, sorry if it is wrong, I am just 4th grade :(

But I am sure this is correct :)

What is X + 9 < 5 =




Step-by-step explanation:


-9 -9


1. subtract the 9 on both sides to have x alone

7. The probability that a randomly chosen student will be left-handed is .09: a) In a class of 108, find the probability that there will be (exactly) 8 left-handed students. b) The classroom has 12 desks designed for people who are left-handed. Use an appropriate approximate method to find the probability that there are enough for all the left-handed students.


Solution :

Let x be student will be left handed

P = 0.09

Using the normal approximation to binomial distribution,

a). n = 108,

    μ = np = 9.72

    [tex]$\sigma = \sqrt{np(1-p)}$[/tex]


       = 2.9741

Required probability,

P(x=8) = P(7.5 < x < 8.5)

[tex]$=P\left(\frac{7.5-9.72}{2.9741}< \frac{x-\mu}{\sigma}< \frac{8.5-9.72}{2.9741}\right)$[/tex]

[tex]$=P(-0.75 < z < -0.41)$[/tex]

Using z table,

= P(z<-0.41)-P(z<-0.75)

= 0.3409-0.2266

= 0.1143

b). P(x=12) = P(11.5 < x < 12.5)

[tex]$=P\left(\frac{11.5-9.72}{2.9741}< \frac{x-\mu}{\sigma}< \frac{12.5-9.72}{2.9741}\right)$[/tex]

[tex]$=P(0.60 < z < 0.94)$[/tex]

Using z table,

= P(z< 0.94)-P(z< 0.60)

= 0.8294 - 0.7257

= 0.1006

Anthony cut a piece of metal that weighed 2,700 grams. Dionne cut a piece of metal that weighed 3,200 grams. How much heavier was Dionne’s piece, in kilograms?
A 0.5 C 50
B 5 D 500



D: 500

Step-by-step explanation:

This is the answer because 3,200 - 2,700 = 500. Can I have a brainliest?



find lim h-> 0 f(1+h)-f(1)/h if f(x)= x^4

A. 13
B. 4
C. 7
D. -4


Answer: B. 4

Step-by-step explanation:





Step-by-step explanation:

surface area is finding the area of each portion of the net and adding them all up together. all the triangles are congruent, so we can start by finding the area of one of them and multiplying that area by 4 (since there are 4 triangles in this net). the formula for the area of a triangle is 1/2 bh. this is (1/2)(5.95)(5.1) which equals approximately 15.17. 4 multiplied by this is 60.68. the area of the square is length multiplied by width, which is 26.01. 60.68+26.01=86.69, which is the closest to answer choice B.


i know this is not the option but i did the maths and the correct answer

the answer is 96.815 you dont have to give me brainliest tho since it was not an option but i got 96.815 anyways

Step-by-step explanation

1.  5.95*5.95= 35.4025

2. but since it is a triangle it should be devided by 2 which is 17.70125

3. since there are 4 triangles you have to multiply it by 4 which is 70.805

4. 5.1*5.1=26.01

5. 26.01+70.805= 96.815

A bucket contains stones and seashells. There are 18 seashells in the bucket and the ratio of stones to seashells is 2 to 1. Find the number of stones in the bucket.


Using proportions, it is found that the number of stones in the bucket is of 36.

What is a proportion?

A proportion is a fraction of a total amount, and the measures are related using a rule of three.

In this problem, there are 18 seashells, and the ratio means that for each seashell, there are 2 stones, hence:

S = 18 x 2 = 36.

The number of stones in the bucket is of 36.

More can be learned about proportions at https://brainly.com/question/24372153

What is the missing length?
8 mi
Area of shaded region = 33.2 mi?
W =


When I put the right answer it says wrong

What is the coefficient in the expression: 2x + 9




Step-by-step explanation:

The coefficient is the number attached to the variable

The variable is the letter

The constant is ta number all on it's own



Step-by-step explanation:

The coefficient is the number with the variable. The 9 is a constant.

a kid sits on top of a 12 foot slide, looking down with an angle of depression of 25 degrees. find the height of the slide



Height of slide = 5 feet (Approx.)

Step-by-step explanation:


Length of slide = 12 feet

Angle of depression = 25°


Height of slide


Length of slide = Hypotenuse

Height of slide = Perpendicular

Using trigonometry function;

Sin θ = Perpendicular / Hypotenuse

Sin 25 = Height of slide / 12

0.422 = Height of slide / 12

Height of slide = 12 x 0.422

Height of slide = 5.064

Height of slide = 5 feet (Approx.)

Jamal needs several feet of wood for a birdhouse
project. He already has 12 yards. How many feet are
in 12 yards?




Step-by-step explanation:

multiple by the length value by 3

A jogger is going around a circular track with a radius of 100 ft. Determine the
ANGULAR speed of the jogger given that they run a lap every 3 minutes, to the nearest tenth. (recall:theta must be in radians)



ω= 0.01 rad/s

Step-by-step explanation:

The given data is question is ,

r = 100ft .t = 3 min = 180s.

Firstly let's find the linear speed. Which is

=> v = Circumference/time

=> v = 2πr/180s

=> v = 3.14 × 100ft ./ 90

=> v = 3.48 ft/s 1m/s

Now the angular speed and linear speed are related as follows ,

=> v = r[tex]\omega[/tex]

=> [tex]\omega[/tex] = v/r

=> [tex]\omega[/tex] = 1/100

=> [tex]\omega[/tex] = 0.01 rad/s

Hence the angular speed is 0.01 rad/s.



90 mm ..................


90 mm^2

Step-by-step explanation:

Divide it in 2 figures

Get the area of the one of 5 * 6 mm = 30mm^2

Then the one of 6 * 10 mm = 60 mm^2

Then just add it up. 90 mm^2

Kelly goes to Six Flags with her friends. She pays $10.50 for an admission ticket and $1.25 for each ride. The total amount Kelly pays for admission and the
number of rides she rode is $29.25. Write an equation that could be used to determine
the number of rides, x, that Kelly rode?'


10.5  + 1.25x = 29.25





Step-by-step explanation:

To find the total surface are of 150 boxes, all we have to do is multiply the surface area of one box ( 62 which was calculated on this question https://brainly.com/question/23446865 ) by the total amount of boxes (150)

So your answer = 150 * 62 which equals 9300

Find the circumference of a circle whose diameter is 12 inches. Use 3.14 for Pi



We need to first find the radius:

half of 12(diameter) = 6 your new radius.

Formula of a circumference:


In this case

pi is 3.14 and your radius is 6 and 2 is just 2.

2 x 3.14 x 6 = 37.68 inches.

What are the coordinates of the image of ABC after a dilation with center (0, 0) and a scale factor of 1/2 ? Drag numbers to complete the coordinates. Numbers may be used once, more than once, or not at all.

Use numbers 1,2,3,4,5,6

Please help I will give 60 points.



:A(2,2) _scale factor ½--A'(1,1)

B(4,6)_scale factor ½--B'(2,3)

C(6,2)_scale factor ½--C'(3,1)

is a required coordinate

Mrs. Russo takes 3 minutes less than Mr. Lloyd to pack a shipping box when each works alone. One day, after Mrs. Russo had spent 6 minutes packing, her boss called her away for a meeting. Mr. Lloyd finished packing that same box in 4 minutes. How many minutes would it take each employee to pack the shipping box alone?



Mr. Russo takes three minutes less than Mr. Lloyd to pack a case when each works alone.

One day, after Mr. Russo had spent six minutes in packing the case, the boss called him away, and Mr. Lloyd finished packing the case in four more minutes.

How many minutes would it take Mr. Russo alone to pack the case?


Let t = time required by Russo alone


(t+3) = time required by Lloyd alone


Let completed job = 1; (a packed case)


Russo + Lloyd = completed job

6%2Ft + 4%2F%28%28t%2B3%29%29 = 1


Multiply by t(t+3)

t(t+3)*6%2Ft + t(t+3)*4%2F%28%28t%2B3%29%29 = 1t(t+3)


Cancel the denominators, and you have:

6(t+3) + 4t = t^2 + 3t

6t + 18 + 4t = t^2 + 3t

10t + 18 = t^2 + 3t


Arrange as a quadratic equation on the right:

0 = t^2 + 3t - 10t - 18

t^2 - 7t - 18 = 0

Factors to

(t-9)(t+2) = 0


The positive solution is what we want here:

t = 9 minutes, time required by Russo alone



Check solution in original shared work equation (Lloyd requires 12 min)

hi could someone please tell me if this is correct?:)


Answer: That is correct :)

Which variable will you choose to eliminate? How? -3x -8y=-24 and
3x - 5y= 45



Lets choose y


Plug in

3x+15/8x-15=45 39/8x= 60 x=480/39


I'll choose 'x' variable first to eliminate because -

-3 (coefficient of 'x' in Eqn.1)  & 3 (coefficient of 'x' in Eqn.2) are additive inverses of each other , so they can be easily eliminated by simply adding those equations. It can be also solved by using elimination method but you'll need to multiply -1 with either Eqn.1 or Eqn.2 because in elimination method , a variable can be eliminated only when their coefficients are numerically equal (along with their sign).

Step-by-step explanation:

Eqn.1 → -3x - 8y = -24

Eqn.2 → 3x - 5y = 45

If we'll add both the equations , then '3x' would be getting cancelled first.

⇒ [tex](-3x - 8y) + (3x - 5y) = (-24) + (45)[/tex]

⇒ [tex]3x - 3x - 8y - 5y = 45 - 24[/tex]

⇒ [tex]-13y = 21[/tex]

⇒ [tex]y = \frac{-21}{13}[/tex]

Putting the value of y in eqn.2 ,

⇒ [tex]3x - 5(\frac{-21}{13}) = 45[/tex]

⇒ [tex]3x + \frac{105}{13} = 45[/tex]

⇒ [tex]3x = 45 - \frac{105}{13}[/tex]

⇒ [tex]3x = \frac{585 - 105}{13} = \frac{480}{13}[/tex]

⇒ [tex]x = \frac{480}{13 \times 3} = \frac{480}{39}[/tex]

Reducing the fraction gives ,

⇒ [tex]x = \frac{160}{13}[/tex]

If Archibald and Rasmus can paint the equivalent of 5/12 of a fence in an hour, how many minutes will it take for them to complete the job?



144 minutes

Step-by-step explanation:

1 hr  = 60 minutes

5/12 of a fence in 60 mimnnutes

(5/12)x = 60

Multiply both sides by 12/5

x = 60 * 12/5

x = 144

144 minutes

If Archibald and Rasmus can paint the equivalent of 5/12 of a fence in an hour, then 144 minutes will take them to complete the job.

What is an algebraic expression?

An algebraic expression stands for the combination of variables, coefficient, constant, or all three in a mathematical form where both sides are set equivalent to each other.

Let x be the minutes.

1 hr = 60 minutes

5/12 of a fence in 60 minutes

(5/12)x = 60

Multiply both sides by 12, and we get

[tex]$12 \cdot \frac{5}{12} x=60 \cdot 12$[/tex]

Simplifying the above equation, we get

5x = 720

Divide both sides by 5

[tex]$\frac{5 x}{5} = \frac{720}{5}[/tex]


x = 144

The value of x = 144.

Therefore, 144 minutes will take them to complete the job.

To learn more about algebraic expression refer to:



7−s/2>3 Solve for the inequality
PLZZZZ help I am struggling with khan academy



Step-by-step explanation:

Let's solve your inequality step-by-step.

7 - s/2 > 3

Step 1: Simplify both sides of the inequality.

−1 /2 s + 7 > 3

Step 2: Subtract 7 from both sides.

−1 /2 s + 7 − 7 > 3 − 7

−1 /2 s > − 4

Step 3: Multiply both sides by 2/(-1).

( 2 /−1 ) * ( −1/ 2 s) > ( 2/ −1 )*(−4)




Alicia, Carlos, Henry, and Zoe each completed a hike. The table shows their distances and times. Match each hiker to their unit rate.

3.20 mph


2.77 mph

3.08 mph



3.57 mph I think it's 3.57 but if it's not I'm sorry

Write an equation and solve:
Kiran is trying to save $144 to buy a new guitar. she has $34 and is going to save $10 a week from money she earns mowing lawns. she wants to know how money weeks it will take her to have enough money to purchase the guitar.



Step-by-step explanation:

10x + 34 = 144

10x = 110

x = 11 weeks

34 + 10x = 144 Now subtract 144 - 34 = 110. 10x = 110 now divide x = 11 so it would take Kiran 11 weeks to be able to buy his guitar

Find the missing side length please help!



x = 25.4

Step-by-step explanation:


Reference angle = 48°

Hypotenuse = x

Adjacent = 17

Apply the trigonometric function, CAH, since the Adj and Hyp are involved


Cos 48° = Adj/Hyp

Cos 48° = 17/x

x*Cos 48° = 17

x = 17/Cos 48°

x = 25.4061013 ≈ 25.4 (nearest tenth)

Hey guys I need help but i need it Step by step it asks me if john has $3.05 and he pays $1.18 how much does he have left but i know he's left over with $1.87 but i need step by step problem


john has $3.05 he subtracts $1.18 and is left over with $1.87

first john subtracts the 8 from the five but he cant do that so he takes from the 3 and makes it a 2 he then moves over that ten that he had taken away from the 3 and places it at the 0. Now john needs to move over the 10 on the 0 to the 5 so he can subtract the 8 from the 5. John moves one ten from the nine that had replaced the 0 and gave it to the 5. that 5 is now a 15 because you've added ten to it.  John now subtracts the 8 from the 15 to get 7 . next john subracts the 9 from the 1 in the tens place to get 8. Now john subracts the 1 from the 2 in the hundereds place to get a total sum of $1.87.






I have attached the picture of the question on this topic.



The expression is:


To find:

The simplified form of the given expression.


We have,


It can be written as:


Cancel out the common factors.


Therefore, the simplified form of the given expression is [tex]\dfrac{-5v^2}{x}+3v^2x^2[/tex].

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